About the Wheeler sisters

Just a brief introduction about who we are.


Hi, I’m Gemma and I am 22 years old. I am currently taking an interruption to studies; having completed 4 years at Cardiff University Dental School, I am now working full time at Cardiff University Students’ Union as Vice President, Heath Park Campus. This charity first caught my attention last year when a couple of people I knew completed a 24 hour rugby match, and when Sophie and I were first thinking about the challenge and about nominating a charity it came into my head instantly. In my mind, I chose not to support one of the bigger charities, but to support Scotty’s Little Soldiers because it could have been us who needed them. My Dad was in the Army, serving for 24 years and completing 2 tours. When my Dad retired from the Army, as all soldiers do, he had a dine out, and there he thank my Mum, sister and I for being there – family’s mean a lot to soldiers and whilst Scotty’s Little Soldiers did not exist when I was young, I have no doubt that knowing that there is a charity to look after their children if the worst were to happen means a lot to the men and women currently serving.



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