First training session together

So me and Sophie have just done our first joint training session – one of many I imagine. It’s absolutely freezing in Cardiff but we wrapped up, and donned our head torches after a day in uni for Soph and a day in work for myself. We managed 9km around Bute Park in Cardiff. It took 51 minutes, which was a reasonable pace considering we were nattering the entire way round. I am not going to pretend it was a breeze for me – I am lying in bed feeling a little achey, even though I consider myself reasonably fit. It was nice to have the company – just counting down the days until our first “Challenge”.

Challenge 1 is the 5 mile boxing day run in Glynneath. The distance is definitely not the challenge here, this time the challenge is getting off our bums on boxing day after a day of festivities on December 25th and getting the entire family to put our trainers on (Mum, Dad and Grandfather included) and hopefully come away with a prize (in previous years I have had fastest father and daughter and mother and daughter respectively – the only explanation I can give is that no-one else was able to enter those categories other than my slightly dysfunctional family)! If you would like to join us or cheer us on, all the info can be found on the website

I leave you with the photo I tweeted post run (follow me, @GemmaLWheeler):



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