Dates for the diary

We have finally had chance to sit down today with enough time to finalise dates and details for all of our challenges. We have tried to spread out the challenges as much as possible and hopefully time them so similar challenges are close to each other. We also have a few other things to look out for along the course of the year (for example my dentistry finals are in September 2014). Training is definitely going to be key!

So, here goes….

December 26th 2013: Boxing Day Glynneath 5 mile run (

February 8th/9th 2014: Pen-y-Fan Challenge  (up and down South Wales’ highest peak in less than an hour)

March 8th/9th 2014: Channel Swim (10.5 miles each in the pool)

March 29th/30th 2014: Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge (Summit Snowdon, Cader Idris and Pen-y-Fan in under 24 hours)

April 2014: Open for suggestions

May 31st 2014: Beast a Bryn Challenge (A challenging 6.8 mile run in the Afan Valley,

June 7th 2014: Fan Dance (a 15 mile walking challenge, the SAS use this for selection!

June 22nd 2014: BHF South Wales Bike Ride (46 mile bike round in and around Swansea

June 28th/29th 2014: UK 3 Peaks Challenge (Summit Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike and Snowdon in under 24 hours)

August 3rd 2014: London Triathlon (Olympic distance entered – 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run,

August 16th 2014: Race the Train (10km Quarry Challenge,

September 28th 2014: Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Challenge, Cardiff (approx. 10km run with obstacles,

October 5th 2014: Cardiff Half Marathon (

November 29th/30th 2014: 24 hour cyclothon (Alternating on a static bike for 24 hours – location to be announced!)

December 2014: Ice Climbing with Cardiff University Mountaineering Club

We will be completing all of the challenges together with the exception of 2. Sophie loves climbing so will be doing an ice climb in December 2014 as her final challenge. Gemma will be going solo for the South Wales Bike Ride in June 2014. We look forward to seeing some of you along the way! Suggestions for April’s challenge are welcome – just leave us a comment!

Merry Christmas,

Gemma and Sophie


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