Nerves are kicking in!

Only one week to go until our second challenge!

Only one week to go until our second challenge!

Well this is a bit scary. Only one week to go until (probably) our hardest challenge!Sophie and I are swimming 20 miles as part of our 14 Challenges for 2014 quest. There are so many difficult things about this challenge; anyone who knows us will agree that our strength is in our legs so swimming really has been a change of tack! Secondly, the planning going into this one challenge has been immense: we have had to decide how we will actually swim 10 miles (we have  been toying between 3 x 3 mile blocks with a one mile block at the end OR 6 x 100 lengths + 1 x 40 lengths); and how do we make sure we actually have enough food and water to last at least 5 hours swimming?! We have had some great advice along the way, although I have to admit that being told we can eat the equivalent of 3 Mars Bars an hour made my stomach flip! There are so many other questions too – how do we stop ourselves becoming too stiff between sets, how do we keep track of how many lengths we have done, will we be able to move the next day (on a side note, we are actually going paintballing the next day so I really hope the answer to that is yes!).
On the day we will be starting at 8 am sharp, and going non stop between the two of us until we are finished – there may be some periods where we will swim at the same time as the pool shuts at 6pm so we do have an ultimate deadline! We’re desperate for support, smiling faces will keep us going towards the end, and donations will obviously spur us on, knowing what a good cause we are raising money for!

We’d really appreciate your donations – just go to to donate online.

Thanks to everyone who has already supported us – we are at 8% of our target!




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