Radio Interview

For those of who who missed it, here is a link to our recent radio interview with Georgina from Radio Cardiff 98.7FM. Thanks for allowing us to come on the show to talk about 14 challenges for 2014, and I hope I got all the Scotty’s Little Soldiers facts right!


The Military Child

The Military Child.

An interesting thought about what makes children, whose parents are in the forces, a little bit different. My mum is a so-called pads’ brat and so are my sister and I. I wonder, if you come from the same background, how many of these personality traits you also have? The invisible bond between pads’ brats the world over is fascinating and special too. Raising money for Scotty’s Little Soldiers will see support for children in such a unique situation, and hopefully try to restore a little happiness too!

BW, Gemma